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Intensive construction of the main beam of the No. 1 workshop of the Huaqi Cable New Factory


  On May 9, 2013, the main vertical beam of the No. 1 workshop in the new factory area of Huaqi Wire & Cable Co., Ltd. was under intense construction, as shown in the figure above. It indicates that the construction of the new factory area is proceeding intensively and methodically, and it also indicates that Huaqi Wire & Cable Co., Ltd. has ushered in a new starting point. Workshop No. 1 has a construction area of 25,000 square meters (38 acres), which is the most constructed in the development zone. It will be put into production quickly and greatly increase production capacity to provide a guarantee for a strong sales team. At a new starting point, Huaqi people will carry forward the Huaqi spirit of "Unity, Enterprising  Practical and Innovative", provide better quality products for the construction of the country, and strive to achieve one sales miracle one after another.