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"Alpine-resistant" railway signal cable is adopted by Haqi Passenger Special
Recently, my country’s northernmost high-cold high-speed rail line, the Haqi Passenger Dedicated Line, was officially opened for operation. It is reported that the Hazi Passenger Dedicated Line uses Jiangsu Hengtong Cable Technology Co., Ltd. "Alpine Resistant" railway signal cables and local telephone communication cables throughout the journey.
   It is understood that the "alpine-resistant" railway signal cables produced by Hengtong Cable can meet the normal use under the climatic conditions of minus 70 ℃, and have the ability to resist wind, sand, rain, snow, fog and other severe weather.
   The smooth use of the Ha-Qi Passenger Dedicated Line indicates that the technology of Hengtong Cable’s "Alpine Resistance" railway signal cable has reached a mature application stage and is in a leading position in the domestic industry.