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How capricious is the price of CNPC cable under Liao Yongyuan?
The "Liao Forever Era" has ended, but his "willfulness" as the general manager of China National Petroleum Corporation (hereinafter referred to as PetroChina) has not yet begun. As everyone knows, Liao Yong has been in charge of oil and gas pipelines for a long time and holds the power of engineering construction. As a general-purpose electrical material, what is the price of the wire and cable under its responsibility, is it very "willful"?
As a professional technical and price consulting service agency in the wire and cable industry, China Cable Online conducted price monitoring, analysis and warning to the tenderer in October 2014 for the "Wheel-Tu Branch Trunk Line Increased Transmission Project Instrumentation Cable Bidding Project". The "Price Analysis of Bid Opening Results and Reminders on the Performance of the Contract and the Supervision of the Subject Matter of the Winning Bidder" were sent in time for verification by the tenderer.
According to the information held by China Cable Online, on August 18, 2014, the China Petroleum Pipeline Materials and Equipment Corporation, a subsidiary of China National Petroleum Corporation, was entrusted and organized by the PC project department for the wheel-to-spit branch trunk line increased transmission project instrument cable procurement bidding work (tender number: 2014XM-LT-YQZB-027, Package A, Package B), only 4 bidders bid, there may be the following problems: ①The design selection is unreasonable. Under normal circumstances, steel tape armored cables do not use soft structure conductors and copper wire braided shields. This design is suspected of using "non-standard" to deliberately avoid material supervision. At that time, although this type of cable had a framework bidding in 2013, the price did not go online for some reason. ②The price of the successful bid is abnormally high. It is nearly 3 times higher than the market price; it is more than 2 times higher than the price of wire and cable from a Class A supplier of PetroChina (compared with similar models). ③ Suspected of bid rigging and collusion. On June 12, 2014, China National Petroleum Materials Corporation, which is also a subsidiary of PetroChina, was commissioned by the EPC Project Department of the West Third Line of the West Third Line and organized a bidding for the West Third Line of the Pipeline Bureau’s West Third Line pipeline engineering cable project. The quotation level of these four bidders is only more than 30% of the above-mentioned project quotation, and the bidding quotation level of user projects outside of PetroChina is even lower. [Part of the bidder's bidding quotations (inside and outside the PetroChina system) and this bid comparison table (relative material quota The range) has been submitted to the tenderer in the form of an attachment along with the supervision reminder report].
  There are always people who better than you. On March 17, 2015, PetroChina’s “2015 Centralized Procurement of Electrical Materials for Centralized Purchasing Pricing Bidding” once again included this “unreasonable cable product” into the regulatory system for bidding, and published the network price in April. If the value of this target is settled at the online price in 2015, it is only 5,276,700 yuan, which is far lower than the winning bidder's 14.4813 million yuan; after deducting the influence of copper prices, it is also much higher than the market price by nearly three times.
If the above issues are true, according to my country’s "Bidding Law", "Price Law", and "Unfair Competition Law", there are violations of regulations and laws in this bidding, and the state-owned assets of China National Petroleum Corporation will directly lose nearly 8 million yuan (two bids won). The total package is only 14.4813 million yuan). The price analysis of specific project bids is detailed in the following table:
The funny thing is that PetroChina made two public announcements (pre-winning bidder and winning bidder) on the bid evaluation results of the "Wheel-Tu Branch Trunk Line Increased Transmission Engineering Instrument Cable Bidding Project" according to law, but we could not find this "tender announcement". Details. CNPC has more than 22 Grade A cable suppliers, why only 4 participated in the bidding for the bid section of this project. We visited nearly 10 Grade A cable suppliers, but everyone was not surprised by this. For the CNPC oil and gas pipeline section wire and cable bidding Procurement, this kind of bidding and bidding drama is commonplace and commonplace. This kind of open and fair bidding, which looks like "winning the bid at the lowest price", is only a stage drama manipulated by a few people, and the corruption behind it is beyond ordinary people's imagination. In the past, Sichuan Star Cable, which used to be the "model" of PetroChina, once relied on PetroChina's orders to account for 40% of its entire company's revenue; another rumor has it that a leading PetroChina cable supplier with more than 1 billion annual revenues can be taxed. 120 million yuan, which is a myth relative to the recent annual average gross profit margin of 13.89% of listed companies in the wire and cable industry.
   Now, the Liao Forever era has ended forever, but the "willfulness" under his appointment has not yet begun. Let's pay more attention to more "willfulness" stories.
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